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What is your priority?

Increasing Return on Equity
by right-sizing capital buffers with more precise capital modeling

Increasing Revenues
with a more effective and lower risk underwriting process

Omniscience Capital Management™

Higher Return On Equity
Higher return on equity
Greater Available Capital Through More Precise Capital Models
Greater available capital through more precise capital models
Lower Insolvency Risk Through More Precise Capital Models
Lower insolvency risk through more precise capital models
Compliance With Critical Regulations, Such As IFRS17, IFRS9, CECL, Basel III, Solvency II, DFAST, And CCAR
Compliance with critical regulations, such as IFRS17, IFRS9, CECL, Basel III, Solvency II, DFAST, and CCAR
For Your Board And Senior Leadership, Answers To Their “what-if” Scenario Questions In Minutes Instead Of Weeks
For your board and senior leadership, answers to their “what-if” scenario questions in minutes instead of weeks

Omniscience Underwriting™

More Consistent Treatment Of Customers
More consistent treatment of customers
Faster Ramp Time For New Underwriters
Faster ramp time for new underwriters
Higher Productivity For Existing Underwriters
Higher productivity for existing underwriters
Higher Straight-through-processing Rates For Automated Underwriting
Higher straight-through-processing rates for automated underwriting

Omniscience Brute Force Intelligence™

Omniscience software solutions are enabled by Omniscience’s unique “brute force” distribution of algorithms to efficiently process high data volumes and understand the inherent combinatorial complexities of the real world.

Less Human Bias By Analyzing The Full Problem Space — All The Data And The Entire Combinations Of Factors
Less human bias by analyzing the full problem space — all the data and the entire combinations of factors
Faster Answers With Turbocharged Model Runs
Faster answers with turbocharged model runs
Full Regulatory Explainability
Full regulatory explainability
More Accurate And Complete Answers By Using Advanced Machine Learning
More accurate and complete answers by using advanced machine learning
Higher Accuracy Than Legacy Rules-based Systems
Higher accuracy than legacy rules-based systems

About Omniscience

With its technical origins in the US intelligence community and its founders’ experiences developing and deploying Internet-scale applications, Omniscience created a software execution framework to handle the high data volumes and combinatorial complexity of the real world.  Omniscience’s team brings extensive experience in machine learning, algorithmic distribution, finance, insurance, and data science.

Omniscience is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley.  Investors include Plug and Play and Oriza Ventures.  Omniscience’s software solutions enable leading financial firms and insurers to increase revenues, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve return on equity. And Omniscience’s software help government agencies to protect the homeland.


Sunil Rawat
Sunil Rawat

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Manu Shukla
Manu Shukla

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Fong
Andrew Fong

Chief Operating Officer

Pallavi Ramnarain
Pallavi Ramnarain, PhD

Vice President of Business Development and Strategy

Dale L. McConnell

Vice President of Sales


Explore career opportunities in Engineering, Field Operations, and Operations/HR.

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Omniscience Corporation, 2951 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, 94306   USA


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